CE Marking - Latest Developments:

AQA Turkey which is also known as MEYER has been declared by European Commission as notified body for CE marking scheme for the following directives:
89/106/EEC _ C onstruction Products
90/396/EEC _ Appliances burning gaseous fuels
93/42/EEC _ Medical Devices
95/16/EC _ Lifts
97/23/EC _ Pressure Equipments
98/37/EC _ Machinery
A notified body specific to a directive would be an authority in the respective sector; it indicates that it has sufficient competence in relation to the procedure(s) / attestation of conformity for the stated products.

Certification from a notified body would have lot of credibility and acceptance across the world. Very few certification bodies would have this advantage (being a notified body) with state of art laboratories for calibration, testing, Inspection & product certification facilities.

Apart from the above following products can get CE-marking approval:

Electrical & Electronic Appliances, Heating Elements, Packaging Machinery, Pneumatic Controls, Solar Panels, Electrical Equipments, Battery Chargers, Electrical Items, Telecommunication equipments etc.

AQA India is pleased to offer CE-marking certifications to clients in India with collaboration from AQA Turkey (MEYER)
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