Product having CE Mark indicates that It meets quality and statutory requirements of European Union CE Marking certifies a product has met EU standards for health, safety and environmental requirements to ensure consumer safety.
CE is an acronym for the French "Conformite Europeenne"
The CE-mark is no approval mark. It is an administrative mark showing that the product is in conformity with the EC guidelines currently in force. With it the manufacturer of the product declares on his own authority that the requirements of European guidelines are met. No product is allowed to be brought into circulation within the European Union if the CE mark is missing.
» An European Initiative
» Followed by several other countries
» Safety oriented in general
» Currently scheme is based on directives
» Generally it is self certification
» Only medical items need notified body
» Manufacturer and supplier is legally bound
» Penalties are detrimental in nature HEAVY
Manufacturers in the EU and abroad must meet CE marking requirements where applicable to market their products in Europe . CE Marking now gives product access to 27 countries with a population of nearly 500 million and an economy of about $12 trillion USD.
» CE MARK is European initiative !!!
» Countries like Singapore , Australia , New Zealand have adopted the CE Mark
» Several countries are asking for CE Marked products, as a bench marked barrier
» Indian Exports to Europe must have CE Mark
» Other importing countries are asking for CE Mark as a trade-in barrier
» Additional UL and ATEX markings are welcome
If you're a Seller ( a CE Manufacturer or a manufacturer's representative or distributor etc, someone looking to sell products to the EU) then the CE Mark gives your CE Marked product access to 25 countries with a population of over 450 million and a European Union economy of about $12 trillion US dollars (similar to USA)

The CE Mark (an acronym for the French " Conformite Europeene " )

certifies that a product has met the health, safety and environmental requirements of the European Union, thereby ensuring consumer and workplace safety. All manufacturers in the EU and abroad must meet CE mark requirements where applicable in order to market their products in Europe .

Once a product has earned the "Conformite Europeene" Mark, it may be marketed throughout the EU without having to undergo further modifications in each member state. That's why the CE Mark has been called the "trade passport" for Europe and the whole world in general

Are you a Buyer, i.e. someone sourcing products for import into the European Union? Then the CE Mark assures you that the product in question has met the requirements for EU countries and no further modifications will be needed for any of the member states.

As an Independent Sales Agent,
you earn income easily by showing Sellers how they can showcase their products to the business community of qualified CE Certified product buyers thereby increasing their sales revenues and profitability.

Getting CE Mark Approvals will vary depending on the product and the number of tests that must be conducted. For example,

for general electrical products, CE Marking approvals can be obtained within 3 - 6 weeks.
General steps for getting CE Mark Approvals are:
» Identify all applicable European Directives (laws)
» Assess your product to the "essential CE approval requirements" contained in the Directives
» Choose the appropriate assessment path i.e. CE self certification or third party testing
» Determine the applicable CE certificate standards (international, European, national)
» If required, perform CE Compliance testing on your product(s) by a "competent body"
» If desired, get your company an authorized representative in the European Union
» Prepare a technical file including a users manual especially if your product has high risk hazards
» Assemble the required CE Mark approvals and CE certificates and a Declaration of Conformity for each applicable Directive
» Affix the CE Approval Logo in accordance with the laws
By means of a CE Declaration of Conformity (certificate de conformite), the manufacturer must demonstrate that his product complies with the essential health and safety requirements of the relevant CE directives. Prior to this, the product may not be sold on the European internal market.
The Declaration of Conformity is:
procedure in which the manufacturer or his authorized representative established in the European Union declares that the product placed on the market complies with all the relevant safety requirements of the appropriated directive (s). a form that is to be supplied with every product and must be drawn up in the user's language.
The CE Mark is the external proof of the CE Conformity Declaration.
Declaration of Conformity is Legally Binding
Your Declaration of Conformity for your CE Marked product is a legally binding document that should be signed by a senior company officer.

You can think of it as a sworn statement in which you declare in public that you have met all of the regulatory obligations of all relevant Directives needed to market your products in Europe .
CE Marking method :
» Identify applicable Directives
» Choose Standards
» Streamline Conformity route
» Complete all Testing
» Prepare Test Reports
» Prepare Technical Construction Files
» Prepare / Approve Declaration of Conformity
» Facilitate Registration with governing bodies
» Provide ongoing Compliance and Design Evaluation Services
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