What Makes AQA "Distinctively Different" From Other Registrars?

It's The PEOPLE!
Trained, certified assessors are personally selected based upon their knowledge and experience in your industry.

AQA solves the mystery of registration by documenting its audit expectations and providing the tools to meet them.

It's The VALUE!

Competitive rates, and no hidden costs.

Our goal is to be the most responsive registrar for meeting the customer requirements.
 ::: It's the PERFORMANCE! :::

"University of Pune is pleased to be associated with AQA (India) Pvt.Ltd., the Quality Certificate Organization.  AQA has always been supportive and positive in their conduct of Audits of our Quality Management System-ISO 9001:2000.  With every growing year AQA has done value addition to our organisation."
- University of Pune

"Conducting of audits was excellent and was done in a very systematic and professional way.  Auditors possess all the capabilities and skills of conducting audits".
- National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. (Corp.Office, New Delhi)

"At the Gujarat Chambers of Commerce & Industry, we are happy to associate ourselves with AQA as our Certification agency, which is very professional in its method and approach. The auditors from AQA have not been intimidating or aggressive, yet through their knowledgeable and practical approach they have provided all the necessary support to improvise on our existing quality systems."
- Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

"We found the auditors highly professional in their approach. They have a fair knowledge of our manufacturing process and are friendly, service oriented and logical while understanding the process."
- Freeman's Measures Ltd.
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